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Lend a hand in helping the people of rural Uganda with water and farming assistance. Our group focuses on helping people who are being left behind by the progress in the rest of the country.

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Who We Are

Contribute to Initiative For A Better Karamoja, a nonprofit organization based in Midland, Texas. Our group reaches out to the Karamoja, a people who do not have access to clean water, to provide them the training they need to take care of themselves in a rapidly changing world. It is our goal to bring education and tap water into every home.


#1: To bring safe and drinkable water to the rural people of Karamoja. People have to walk 4 miles to get water and spend hours standing in line to get water instead of wells. We plan on drilling water wells in order to provide safer water to drink. Most villages will have access to wells instead of having to stand in line.

#2: Better farming methods on how they can grow their crops, not grow the same crops every year; irrigation; improving on their farming methods and livestock; and giving gardening tools to help improve the crops and farming methods of the rural people of Karamoja.

#3: Irrigation means more water and food while also helping cattle rates and improving and fighting poverty. It will also help improve the quality of the animals because when they don't have water or grass, they get very skinny and unhealthy. By providing irrigation tools like pumps to generate clean water, they'll have more food, more water, and it will cut down the poverty levels of life for the rural people of Karamoja.


It is our goal to better the rural village people of Karamoja by providing them with drinkable water, irrigation systems, food, and education.

We have a 2nd team of board members in Uganda that will be helping to make sure the funds go to the right place, and that the tools and supplies reach the rural areas.

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